Before it’s time to perform,
it’s time to celebrate.

Thanks for making Agronomy Week a huge success.

Here are the agronomic support crews that made it to the winner’s circle each day during Agronomy Week. Congratulations on winning your daily prize! Check back soon to see which farmer and crew took home the grand prize: a weekend with NASCAR® driver Clint Bowyer at his farm.

  • 1

    DAY 1

    • Mike Kessinger
    • Randy Zorn
    • Josh Harn
    • Kris Bachtold
    • Joellen Short
  • 2

    DAY 2

    • Jonathan Hagena
    • Arlan Hagena
    • Travis Boerger
    • Vance Kirkebak
  • 3

    DAY 3

    • Robert Nielsen
    • Matt Distch
    • Dan Pagel
    • Mark Weber
  • 4

    DAY 4

    • Jeremy Myers
    • Mark Myers
    • Stephen Myers
  • 5

    DAY 5

    • Justin Krafka
    • Seth Robison
    • Tom Nickolite
    • Justin Riha

It’s time to perform.

This year, Clint Bowyer wants to be more than a champion on the track. He wants to be a Champion of Yield. With the help of his agronomic support crew, he'll be competing in this year's NCGA Yield Contest for the first time. Watch his Agronomy Week 2019 announcement below.