Safeer Hassan Talks Stress Tolerance of DEKALB® Brand Products

Monsanto breeders have been developing a new product that can help to maintain high yield potential under stressful conditions. Typically, DEKALB® brand products have ideal stress tolerance, and with this newly developed trait, DEKALB products can continue to perform under extreme drought conditions. Safeer Hassan, Technology Development Representative for Monsanto, explained he was very pleased with the performance of the DEKALB drought-tolerant biotech trait this past growing season.

“This year we have seen very little pollination problems compared to our competitors who are having big troubles. Grain fill and stands look nice. On a year like this, you can see clear differences in the pollination, grain fill and of course the yield,65533;? Hassan said.

Many of Hassan’s customers in Kansas participated in the Ground BreakersSM trials where they were able to test the new Genuity® DroughtGard™ Hybrids on their own farms. In addition to utilizing the drought tolerant trait, Hassan said tillage practices and planting time is critical.

“They [Ground Breakers trials] have been a tremendous value to both our customers and ourselves. We have pretty positive feedback from our farmer customers as they go look at those trials. We have had an opportunity to look at those several times during the season and we look forward to the yields,65533;? Hassan said.

Pending certain international regulatory approvals, DEKALB products containing the drought-tolerant biotech trait will be available for purchase in 2013. For more information on DroughtGard Hybrids, please refer to the video below.