Sean Evans Discusses Corn Rootworm Management

Sean Evans, Monsanto Technology Development Representative for Insect Management, hosted an agAcademy in Rochelle, Illinois to provide growers with best management practices and guidance on how to manage corn rootworm. A key first step is planting a corn seed with dual modes of action for above- and below-ground insect protection, such as DEKALB® brand Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete® corn blend. In addition to planting the best seed, growers also need to understand alternative best management practices when controlling corn rootworm populations, especially within continuous corn environments.

“We need to implement a suite of best management practices to manage that population. We have a lot of data that supports that where we have unexpected damage the previous year, that our strategies we employ can make the grower successful. Those include utilization of a trait package that employs multiple modes of action like Genuity SmartStax, or, if a grower is going to utilize products with a single mode of action, they need to incorporate a soil applied insecticide with that product,” Evans said.

Corn rootworm continues to be a problem for many corn growers. When managing high populations of corn rootworm, crop rotation may be the best solution to mitigate the harmful effects of these insects. For more tips on managing corn rootworm, please refer to the video below. ​​​​​