Bob Glodt Discusses Monsanto’s Water-Use Efficiency Research in Deltapine® Cotton


Bob Glodt, farmer and owner of Agri-Search in Plainview, Texas, discusses water-use efficiency during the Deltapine® Weed Resistance and Water Management Summit. Agri-Search is a crop consulting business that specializes in water-use efficiency trials. Glodt explained the goal is to create new varieties that produce more cotton/lint with the same amount of water. He indicated that the data should encourage farmers to rethink the varieties they plant as well as management techniques. Farmers should look at varieties within a realistic range of the water available to irrigate it. Glodt reiterated that it is important for farmers to understand how much water the crop is using at any particular point.




Wayne Keeling with Texas Agri-Life Research Center in Lubbock also presented at the Deltapine Weed Resistance and Water Management Summit. Watch his video for tips on managing tough-to-control weeds here.

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