Eric Best Summarizes the 2013 Deltapine® Cotton Weed Resistance and Water Management Summit

Eric Best, Deltapine® Technology Development Agronomist in West Texas, summarizes key topics of the 2013 Weed Resistance and Water Management Summit. He explained the purpose of this meeting was to bring together leading academics and leading internal consultants from Monsanto to discuss complex issues that many cotton growers face today. Key messages included how to better manage weed resistance, maximize water use and efficiency, as well as introduce new products and ideas. At the end of the day, Best seeks to develop a model for growers to achieve the highest yield potential possible in limited water environments.


Bob Glodt, farmer and owner of Agri-Search in Plainview Texas, discusses the research Monsanto has conducted in water-use efficiency at the Deltapine Weed and Water Management Summit. Watch the video here.