The #MYFARMMYYIELD 2017 Harvest Contest has ended

Thank you for celebrating your yield and those you yield for. We look forward to what the 2018 season brings.


Grand Prize Winner

Alyssa Chaffin, Michigan

170bu DKC53-45 #Harvest17 #MyFarmYield #Contest

Weekly Winners

  • Camron Wells, Kentucky
  • Blakslee Masters, Pennsylvania
  • Josh Valier, Illinois
  • Shawn Sullivan, Nebraska
  • Paul Arends, Minnesota
  • Lydia Holste, Illinois
  • Jerry Seuntjens, Iowa
  • Shawn Woodfolk, Virginia
  • Danny Brisky, Wisconsin
  • Jodi Wahl Morrill, Minnesota
  • Chad Bernig, Illinois
  • Tim Umberger, Missouri


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