Chris Mayo Talks Weed Management

Effective weed management is a key component of the Asgrow® 4P System, as the system advocates a year-round approach to Plan, Plant, Protect and Perform. Chris Mayo, Monsanto Weed Management Technical Development Representative, explained that applying a residual pre-emergence from the very start of the growing season could offer the greatest weed control.

“High yield management in soybeans is a very important thing. Every grower wants to have the most yields they can because it affects their pocketbook. A four-inch weed is going to cause yield reduction. We want to allow the farmer to get as much as they can per acre. Ultimately, we do not want any weeds in the field,” Mayo said.

For the 2013 growing season, Mayo emphasized the importance of using residual herbicides like those offered by Roundup Ready® PLUS™ Weed Management Solutions, especially for tough-to-control weeds such as waterhemp.

“We still should focus on doing the residual pre(emergence). It can protect your investment, and help improve your yield potential. By doing that, you can potentially take more to the elevator,” Mayo said.

For more information on effective weed management, view the video below as Mayo provides more detail on potential weed management solutions.