Jacob Priday Discusses the Benefits of the Asgrow® 4P System

Jacob Priday, Asgrow® and DEKALB® District Sales Manager, explained the benefits of selecting Asgrow® Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans over LibertyLink® brand soybeans, especially in the Northern Delta Region. He said the Asgrow brand has a potential for higher yield numbers.

“We have a history of bringing yield potential to the table and bringing yield to farmer’s fields. I think that’s going to continue with the Asgrow brand. Keeping those fields clean gives us the advantage over the LibertyLink system and the LibertyLink soybeans,” Priday said.

He went on to explain that the Asgrow® 4P System is an essential element that really sets the Asgrow brand apart from LibertyLink brands. By following the Plan, Plant, Protect, Perform steps and incorporating Roundup Ready PLUS™ Weed Management Solutions, farmers can start with cleaner fields and manage tough-to-control weeds including the resistant pigweed.

“I think the 4P System is definitely going to be pivotal in the Asgrow brand. First off, you want to plant genetics that can give you the most yield potential, and the best chance to make the most money on that acre. That’s definitely in the Asgrow brand. You have to keep them clean with your weed management system, which we get in Roundup Ready PLUS. You have to look at your beans year round to achieve the highest yield we can possibly get,” Priday said.

By utilizing the 4P System, farmers have the opportunity to get the most out of every acre. For more information on the Asgrow brand soybeans, refer to the video below.​​​