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SeedSite App

Introducing SeedSite, the New iPad® App for
Asgrow® Brand Soybean Infrastructure Planning.

Infrastructure Planning  

Infrastructure Planning

To further assist our dealers in the process of planning for the future of soybean distribution, Asgrow® and FarmChem® have joined forces to create an innovative iPad® App for soybean infrastructure planning. SeedSite is a unique and interactive tool to drive better decision-making on infrastructure purchases, providing users with the equipment knowledge of FarmChem in an easy-to-use mobile experience. With this professional tool, Asgrow wants to help our dealers plan investments to meet the service standards of today's soybean farmers.

Bulk Growth Model

How do you see your business growing in the near future? Use the sliders on each storage bin to estimate how many units you plan to treat for each of the next three years. Your business plan will determine which treatment and storage options are available to you.

Project Cost  

Estimate Project Cost

Once you plot your projected growth, explore equipment recommendations made for you based on your bulk growth model. You'll be able to pick from our recommended options and modify those choices to best suit your needs and your budget.

Calculate Payoff  

Calculate Payoff

Model how quickly you'll be able to pay off your new infrastructure with the simple and intuitive slider graph. The graph displays the total cost of the equipment you choose, as well as the price for which you choose to sell your services. Use the slider to adjust the profit you make on both seed sales and seed treatment margins to find the most efficient schedule for paying off your system.