Be smart with storage

Once harvest is done and the crops are in, focus on protecting the harvest while waiting to take it to market.

Proper storage techniques can help preserve soybean grain until you have identified the optimal time to sell.

Variability in soybean maturity within fields can also prompt growers to harvest soybeans at a higher than desired moisture content. Soybeans harvested with higher moisture content will require supplemental drying from either low- or high-temperature drying. Here are some techniques to consider when storing soybeans.

Drying Soybeans

  • For winter storage, store commercial soybeans at 13 percent moisture or less, 12 percent or less for up to one year and 11 percent or less for more than one year.
  • Soybeans with less than 15 percent moisture can generally be dried with fans sized for routine aeration.
  • Care must not be taken not to over-dry the soybeans which can cause them to split.
  • Dryers that constantly recirculate or stir grain should be avoided.

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