Vistive® Gold​​

Vistive® Gold soybeans ​just may be the most profitable acres on your farm.

Vistive Gold

Vistive® Gold soybeans provide increased profits to your bottom line while also delivering a non-toxic, renewable resource for biosynthetic industrial oils and a healthy alternative to traditional cooking oils through low saturated fat.

Vistive Gold soybeans bring a premium price per bushel and competitive performance. Built on Roundup Ready 2 Yield® technology, Vistive Gold soybeans deliver a yield per acre that is competitive with the proven Monsanto varieties you currently plant and outperforms Pioneer® commodity soybeans. In comparative trials, Vistive Gold soybeans demonstrated a competitive yield performance with > 1 bushel per acre advantage versus Pioneer Roundup Ready® commodity soybeans*.

*432 head to head comparison in 2013 and 2014 +/- 0.4RM versus Pioneer® Roundup Ready® commodity soybeans in Vistive Gold target markets. Data from all trial types.

Profit Opportunity

Improved farmer profit opportunity with Vistive Gold Premium

U.S. Average Commodity Yield 45bu/ac
Vistive Gold Premium .60/bu
Stewardship Premium $12.50/ac
Profit Opportunity vs. Commodity $39.50bu/ac

The More You Grow, The More You Earn.

How much more can you earn by producing Vistive gold soybeans*?

100 acres $3,950
200 acres $7,900
500 acres $19,750
1,000 acres $39,500

*Based on 60 cents per bushel per acre at an average of 45bu/ac and $15.40/acre.

Grown only in the United States, Vistive Gold soybeans give you the opportunity to improve your profits, while contributing to a greener planet and healthier lifestyles.

Why Vistive Gold?

For Industrial Uses

Reach new industrial markets and meet consumer demands while making a contribution to the environment.

Vistive Gold soybeans are used to make high-performing biosynthetic automotive and industrial lubricants that can reach exciting new industrial markets worldwide. Vistive Gold lubricants are renewable, biodegradable, nontoxic and recyclable. They are cleaner, safer and greener lubricants that often meet or exceed current synthetic motor oils and other lubricants currently on the market so you can feel good about the lower impact lubricants produced from Vistive Gold soybeans have on the environment.

For Food Companies

Become part of an innovative solution to consumers’ growing demands for healthier foods.

Developed with input from leading food companies, these soybeans feature a trait that allows the beans to produce oil with low saturated fat and zero trans fat*. When used in foods, this soybean oil is a healthier alternative to traditional oils, without compromising taste and texture.

* The significant decrease in saturated fat combined with a trans fat content that is so low that the level may be labeled as zero on the FDA-regulated nutrition fact panel.

Ground Breakers® Field Trials

Asgrow offers 9 Vistive Gold products including 4 new higher-performing products that are currently being trialed in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio through Monsanto’s Ground Breakers® program.

Ground Breakers trials provide farmers with first-hand experience with pipeline products under commercial-scale planting conditions. This program combines full-field and small-scale approaches to optimize farmers’ experiences, training and education opportunities.

For the stewarded commercial introduction in 2014, Vistive Gold soybeans will be built on Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology. Monsanto has an agreement with the United Soybean Board to accelerate Vistive Gold variety breeding, allowing for more trials across more locations.

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