​Asgrow Pipeline ​

​​Asgrow® brand's research and development pipeline applies the use of advanced breeding for native traits, biotechnology and agronomic solutions to help provide significant yield improvements, enhanced weed- and insect-control options, improved plant health, as well as the capabilities of producing the healthier oil profiles that consumers are demanding. These innovations are key components to our commitment to doubling soybean yields by 2030.

Throughout the research and development pipeline process, our innovative agricultural products and agronomic solutions span various stages of development, or phases. The phases consist of discovery (product concept generation), phase one (proof of concept), phase two (early development), phase three (advanced development), phase four (pre-launch) and launch. As each soybean product moves through our research and development pipeline, it becomes a part of a system of solutions that aim to make soybean production more profitable for farmers and more efficient and sustainable for our planet.​

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