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Roundup Ready® PLUS Crop Management Solutions​​

Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions offer you a centralized resource for staying informed about weed resistance and insect management by combining the knowledge of weed scientists, academics, agronomists and industry partners.

Newly expanded, the Roundup Ready PLUS® platform not only helps you fight weeds, it also helps to provide products to manage insects and disease, along with:

  • Expert Recommendations: Timely weed management recommendations for your crop and region
  • Education & Training: Stay up-to-date on important agronomic issues
  • Cash-Back Incentives: Use endorsed herbicides with multiple modes-of-action

Check out the recommendations for your crop and area with the Crop PHD tool​.

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Videos: Advice From the Field

Watch the videos below to see what some of our experts are saying about important weed management topics. Chemistry Account Managers Bill Burtnett​, Matthew Roach, Craig Rogers and Chris Robnett provide advice that you can apply.

Overall Weed Management Planning Advice

Pre-Planting Weed Management Advice

Advice for Weed Management at Harvest

Burndown Advice

Future Planning Advice for Weed Management

Learn more and get your custom recommendation at the Roundup Ready PLUS website.​​​​​​​​

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