​Performa​nce You Can Count On​

​​DEKALB® Yellow Food Grade Products

Demand for food corn processing is growing. Tap into additional market opportunities for your grain with DEKALB Yellow Food Grade Products. As with all DEKALB products​, you can count on the high yield potential and performance you’ve come to expect from our leading bi​otechnology, diverse global germplasm, strong agronomics and superior breeding program.​

​It is important that farmers interested in growing DEKALB® Yellow Food Grade products understand the expectations of food corn processors. Special considerations for producers include careful harvesting, drying, handling and storage of grain to ensure delivery of corn with the following qualifying characteristics:

  • A higher percentage of hard endosperm
  • Higher test weight
  • Minimal denting in the crown of kernels
  • Kernels of uniform size
  • Kernels free from stress cracks
  • Clean yellow or pearly white in color
  • Appropriate taste and texture
  • Low levels of broken kernels and foreign materials
  • Low levels of mycotoxins
  • Dried in low temperatures

Ensure your DEKALB Yellow Food Grade corn meets the requirements of food corn processors by following these best practices:

  • Food grains can be grown for the open market or under contract to dry mill processors.
  • The contract should be in place prior to planting.
  • Corn does well on a wide variety of soils, but performs best on silt loam soils that are well drained, in good tilth, and free from erosion.
  • Seedling populations should range from 30,000 to 38,000 seeds per acre depending on productivity of the soil.
  • Field-drying is best; however, the kernels​ may be machine dried at low temperatures. Quality kernels should be low in stress cracks and have low moisture content. Aeration is necessary to extended storage.

Explore the DEKALB varieties that qualify as Yellow Food Grade products and contact your dealer for information on food corn processors in your area.​

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