Improving Nutrient Availability to Support Growth​​

​QuickRoots® from Monsanto BioAg​​


Biological products from Monsanto BioAg are on the verge of transforming modern agriculture. Each and every one of these products are backed by the extensive research and development expertise of The BioAg Alliance. QuickRoots® helps to improve improve nutrien t availability, boost yield potential, and increase ROI for DEKALB® farmers planting corn in a wide variety of soils.

How QuickRoots Leads to a Yield Advantage

In every field, important nutrients — including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium — can be bonded to particles in the soil, so they’re unavailable to corn plants. Two biologicals in QuickRoots® work together to break up those bonds, allowing corn roots to absorb the released nutrients. This improved nutrient uptake expands the root volume, which optimizes plant growth and yield potential.

In small plot trials, QuickRoots resulted in a 6.3 Bu/A yield advantage.

Hear from NCGA Winner Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown, of Blue Mound, IL, has a positive outlook on biological products, like the ones offered by Monsanto BioAg. According to Jeff, “To use [less fertilizer] and have the microbes do their work, that will really help us get to the next level.” Watch the video below to see what else he says about the impact of microbial seed treatments on profitability and sustainability.

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Two Formulations + Easy Integration

QuickRoots is available in both wettable powder and dry planter box formulations, so you can choose what works best for your operation. Plus, it works with many insecticides and fungicides — for most growers, it will easily integrate with your current system.

Learn more about how QuickRoots helps to enhance nutrient uptake to maximize your yield potential.