​DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Winter Canola

DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Winter Canola products give farmers an important option as a rotational crop in traditional monoculture winter wheat production areas.


Unsurpassed Weed Control

DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Winter Canola contains in-plant tolerance to Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides—enabling farmers to apply a Roundup agricultural herbicide from emergence through the 6-leaf stage of development.

Excellent Winter Wheat Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is an important factor in disrupting pest cycles including weeds, diseases and insects. Growing DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Winter Canola in rotation with winter wheat helps to break such cycles and offers excellent broad-spectrum weed control with applications of Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides. Crop rotations that include winter canola and winter wheat are an economically viable alternative to continuously growing wheat in the traditional wheat regions of Oklahoma and Kansas.


Surt Tolerant.

In field trials, SURT (Sulfonylurea Residual Tolerant) products have demonstrated the ability to be grown on fields where a long-residual Sulfonylurea herbicide was applied in the previous wheat crop and would be detrimental to canola growth

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