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​Corn Diagnostic Guide


This Corn Diagnostic Guide is prepared by the DEKALB® agronomy team to help farmers, seed dealers, and company personnel determine the likely causes of pest damage and abnormal corn plant appearance. While the primary target is the North American Region, the principles and many of the situations described in this publication extend to other regions of the world where corn is grown.

corn field 

Symptoms may be due to a single cause or the result of two or more interacting factors. Also, because of their different genetic backgrounds, different hybrids may not have identical symptoms in response to the same cause. Routine field examinations are crucial in spotting potential problems. Some growers employ professional crop scouts rather than perform this function themselves. Weekly examinations are generally sufficient.

Once a problem has been identified, its extent a​nd severity must be determined to decide whether corrective action is necessary. Many pest management recommendations include threshold levels when control measures will return a profit. Consult Cooperative Extension Service and chemical company recommendations for control measures.

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