​DEKALB® Planting Tips


Pre-emergence Herbicides

  • Using residual herbicides pre-emergence in corn can help protect yield potential by limiting early-season weed competition
  • The number of potential ear shoots and kernel rows in corn is determined from the V5 to V8 growth stages, making early-season weed control critical for achieving maximum yield potential.


Starter Fertilizer

  • Starter fertilizer can give corn plants an early boost in conservation-tillage operations where soils are typically cool and moist.
  • Benefits may include increased early crop growth and uniformity, quicker canopy closure for weed control and earlier flowering.
  • Starter fertilizer placement is critical. Check specific recommendations for the fertilizer product you plan to use as the salt rate from nitrogen and potassium can affect the maximum rate applied and suggested placement in relation to the seed row.

Planting Date

  • The optimum time to plant is different from year to year. Consider the soil temperature at the time of planting and not just calendar date alone.
  • Plant into moisture, but consider the effects of planting too shallow (less than 1.25") or too deep (more than 3").

Other Considerations

  • Once planting is done, scouting corn fields for signs of pest damage is critical.
  • Keep accurate records of herbicide-tolerant and non-tolerant corn acres as necessary to help reduce the risk of crop damage.
  • Set a proactive weed management plan.

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