Nematode Resistance: Battling Nematodes, Inside and Out 
10.7%: Yield loss experienced by growers across the Cotton Belt 

Industry-Leading Control from Deltapine

Why Growers Should Expect and Reject Nematode Pressure

Deltapine® cotton offers the strongest nematode protection on the market, thanks to new generations of Nematode Resistant (NR) varieties and the access to new NemaStrike™ Technology, an innovative nematicide by Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions.

Root knot nematodes and other nematode species feed on the roots of cotton plants, reducing plants’ ability to absorb water and nutrients, and exposing vulnerable root systems to secondary infections. And the damage is often invisible, while above-ground symptoms — if they appear — are misdiagnosed as nutrient deficiency, disease, or drought.

Nematode pressure exists in a range of soil types across the Cotton Belt and robs growers of up to 10.7* percent of yields. Learn how Deltapine helps growers protect their seed — inside and out.

Sampled cotton plots
affected by nematode pressure

  • Root Knot
  • Reniform
  • Lance


Not Reported

200 lbs per acre: Average yield advantage of NR varieties 

Nematode-Resistant Varieties

Deltapine cotton growers don’t have to sacrifice yield to nematode pressure. Using innovative genetic markers, Deltapine has perfected the process of combining high-yielding genetics with selective breeding for nematode resistance. The result: season-long protection and industry-leading yield potential. In fact, our NR varieties achieve yield advantages of up to 200 pounds per acre over susceptible varieties in fields with moderate to high nematode pressure.

Available 2018 NR varieties include DP 1747NR B2XF​ and DP 1558NR B2RF​.

Roots resistant to RKN 
Roots susceptible to RKN: Changes in the plant cells produce swelling of the area around the nematode, resulting in galls or knots that are clearly visible on the roots 

Broad-Spectrum Seed Treatment Technology

NemaStrike Technology

NemaStrike Technology by Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions​ provides broad-spectrum nematode control against multiple nematode species including — but not limited to — RKN, Lance & Reniform.

​NemaStrike Technology is a nematicide that stays in the root zone for up to 75 days to protect crops as they grow. Plus, it has demonstrated consistent yield protection in hundreds of field trials, over three years of testing, in all soil types and levels of pressure. Contact your dealer for more information.

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Don’t Let Nematode Damage Catch You By Surprise

The only reliable method for assessing nematode pressure is soil sampling, and management techniques like crop rotation aren’t enough to control most species effectively.

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