Root-Feeding Parasites

An Introduction to Root Knot Nematodes

You don't have to sacrifice yield to protect your cotton from nematode pressure. Using innovative genetic markers, Deltapine combined high-yielding genetics with selective breeding for nematode resistance, allowing for season-long protection and industry-leading yield potential.

We're constantly developing new varieties to keep you protected all season long. Our Class of 17 product line launched DP 1747NR B2XF​, the first NR variety with Bollgard II® XtendFlex® weed protection. Three new Bollgard II® XtendFlex® varieties are now being tested by New Product Evaluators across the Cotton Belt for potential Class of 18 commercialization. Read more about the candidates being tested during the ninth season of our NPE Program.

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10 percent yield loss 

About Root Knot Nematodes

Root Knot Nematode affects a range of soil types across the Cotton Belt. RKN alone can result in an up to 10 percent yield loss*.

RKN and other nematodes feed on the roots of cotton plants, resulting in root knots (galls) that reduce stalks' ability to take in water and nutrients. The effects of RKN can also lead to injury, exposing the vulnerable plant to fungal infections.

Above-ground symptoms can include stunted crop growth and midday wilting. Below ground, swollen roots, knots or galls, and poor root structure are all indications of nematode infestation.

Root Knot Nematodes are often distributed in clusters, so some areas of a field may appear unaffected while others are badly damaged. Sandy soils are especially at risk.

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Performance and Protection You Can Count On

Our NR varieties achieve yield parity in fields with low or no Root Knot Nematode populations, and yield advantages of up to 200 pounds per acre over susceptible varieties in fields with moderate to high pressure.

A multi-year study demonstrated the importance of planting NR varieties year over year to effectively manage RKN.

Don’t Give Nematodes the Chance to Bounce Back

For four consecutive years, one field was planted with NR varieties, while another field was planted with only susceptible varieties.

A susceptible variety was then planted on each field.

The variety planted in the field that had grown NR varieties experienced a 60 percent yield advantage and 93 percent less RKN eggs than the same variety planted in the field that had only grown susceptible varieties.


The advantage was short-lived, however. After just one season, RKN had bounced back to levels observed in the susceptible-planted field.

"It is certainly cheaper to plant them than to try controlling nematodes with a chemical approach."

— Grower Larry Ford of Greenwood, Florida

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Deltapine offers NR varieties bred for a range of growing conditions across the Cotton Belt. Explore our full line-up to determine which variety is right for you.

Additional Resources

Although distinct symptoms can be observed, the only way to confirm nematode presence is by collecting soil and root samples and having them professionally analyzed.

Visit our Agronomy Library for nematode management resources, including recommendations on:

  • Crop rotation with non-host RKN crops like peanuts or grain sorghum
  • Cultural or tillage practices that can reduce nematode pressure, such as deep tillage and disking
  • Host plant resistance and available RKN resistant varieties
  • Fallow fields and weed hosts such as nutsedges, horseweed, teaweed, tall ironweed, black nightshade, common Bermudagrass, sicklepod, Carolina geranium, morningglories, pigweeds, purslance, and ragweed

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What’s Next in NR

Deltapine is dedicated to continually advancing our breeding and genetics to combat the increasing insect, disease and weed pressure our cotton growers face. Our 2017 pipeline includes Nemastrike, a novel nematicidal chemistry that is highly effective at combating parasitic nematodes, including both Root Knot and Reniform nematodes. Nemastrike complements NR series Deltapine varieties to provide the most comprehensive nematode management in the market.

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