Guidelines for using more modes of action

Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions

Weeds in cotton may provide season-long challenges, so starting early and using residuals with multiple modes of action is important. Roundup Ready PLUS® Crop Management Solutions offers you a centralized resource for addressing weed management issues.


The Roundup Ready PLUS platform provides useful information about weed management, including how to reduce and manage risk and how to receive incentives to offset herbicide costs. The platform features regionally specific recommendations for using herbicides, as well as agronomic recommendations developed by leading university weed scientists.

Following the Roundup Ready PLUS platform not only helps you fight weeds, it also provides:

  • Expert Recommendations: Get timely weed management recommendations for your crop and region
  • Education & Training: Stay up-to-date on important agronomic issues
  • Valuable Incentives: Benefit from using multiple modes-of-action for diversified weed management practices

For more information and specific recommendations for weed management, contact your local retailer or visit www.roundupreadyPLUS.com/CropPhD.​