10 Harvest Safety Tips That May Save Your Life

Harvest time is one of the busiest times of the year for a farmer, but it can also be one of the most dangerous. Be sure to take the time to follow these harvest safety tips that may end up saving your life.

#10: Before working on equipment, make sure machinery is turned off and all parts have completely stopped moving, and place equipment in park or neutral with the parking brake engaged.

#9: Always refer to the manufacturer's manual before performing any maintenance.

#8: All farm equipment should be thoroughly inspected before use.

#7: A tractor with a front loader or any other accessories that can be raised may need to be lowered to ensure machine balance.

#6: Shut off and lock all unloading equipment before entering bin.

#5: When possible, ladders should be installed inside grain bins as emergency exits.

#4: It is suggested that you wear a harness attached to a properly secured rope and have at least one person stand outside the bin who can help should you become entrapped.

#3: If you enter a grain bin it is suggested that you stay near the outer wall of the bin. If the grain starts to flow, move to the bin ladder or safety rope as quickly as possible.

#2: Use a long pole to break up crusted grain instead of having a worker enter the bin.

#1: You may need to wear a dust filter or filter respirator when working in a grain bin, especially while cleaning.

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