DEKALB® and Asgrow® Product Offerings


DEKALB® and Asgrow® products contain exclusive genetics and are rigorously tested for high yield potential, early-season vigor, and standability. For example, early-season vigor in corn products can reduce uneven emergence, which can affect yield potential. Also, good corn standability reduces losses from stalk lodging.

There are numerous options to consider when selecting seed products. Consider the following options when visiting with your DEKALB and Asgrow seed representative.

Herbicide tolerance traits. Corn products include tolerance to glyphosate and/or glufosinate herbicides. Soybean products are available with tolerance to glyphosate and/or dicamba.

Insect protection traits. Corn products with insect protection traits provide in-plant protection from many above ground and/or below ground insects including corn rootworm and European corn borer. There are several different seed options containing insect protection to consider.

Disease resistance. Products are available with varying levels of tolerance to economically important diseases. Review your past crop disease history and consider selecting products with the disease tolerance that will meet your needs.

Drought tolerance traits. DroughtGard® Hybrids is a drought-tolerant biotechnology trait, designed to help corn plants resist drought stress and minimize the risk associated with dry weather.

Seed treatments. DEKALB and Asgrow seed products are treated with insecticide and fungicide seed treatments, which protect corn seeds and seedlings from many early-season insects and diseases.

Seed treatment offerings for both corn and soybean are available from Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions. There are various seed treatment “tiers” which include fungicides and/or insecticides. Additional offerings are available including Acceleron® BioAg products and/or NemaStrike™ Technology. For further detailed information regarding these seed treatment offerings consider going to

NemaStrike™ Technology, is a seed treatment product that provides broad-spectrum control of plant parasitic nematodes including all races of soybean cyst nematode, lesion, root knot, lance, reniform, sting and needle. It is available in corn, soybeans, and cotton.

With a novel mode of action and low water solubility, NemaStrike™ Technology (tioxazafen), is a synthetic nematicide that defends crops from the start and stays in the root zone as plants grow for up to 75 days. In numerous field trials over 4 years, the technology has helped to protect the average yields of soybean by 2.2 bu/acre (138 trials), corn by 6 bu/acre (140 trials), and cotton by 80 lbs lint/acre (63 trials).1 Performance results will vary based on nematode pressure.