Corn Variable Rate Seeding using Climate FieldView™ Seed Scripting


  • Choosing the optimum planting population for a respective field environment/hybrid combination is a crucial decision when trying to optimize resources in each environment.
  • The Climate FieldView™ advanced seed scripting tool allows growers to manage their planting populations across multiple environments within a given boundary.

Research Objective

To evaluate how the Climate FieldView advanced seed scripting tool can assist growers in managing their planting populations within multiple field environments when compared to a blanket rate local grower standard.

Location Soil Previous
Exira, IA Multiple Soybean No-Till 5/6/2017 11/10/2017 240 bu/acre Variable

Site Notes

  • A 114RM VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® brand blend product was chosen for this farm.
  • The trial was carried out in 20-inch row spacing.
  • 190lbs of nitrogen (N) was applied in the spring along with a one-pass herbicide program.
  • A fungicide and 12lbs foliar nitrogen were aerially applied at the VT stage.
  • A yield goal of 240bu/acre, $3.30 cash price of corn, and $270 per bag of seed were the input factors used in the Climate FieldView advanced seed scripting model (Fig. 1). 2 years of prior yield data was utilized to build the variable rate prescription.
Treatments Description
Grower Standard Blanket 38,00 seeds/acre planting population
Advanced Seed Scripting Climate FieldViewTM advanced seed scripting tool - (Varible Rate)

Table 1. Planting Rate treatments used in trial.


Figure 1.(Center) Screenshot of Climate FieldView advanced seed scripting map utilized to plant the variable rate portion of the field trial. (Right) Screenshot of Climate FieldView planting population map after the side by side comparisons were executed for the field trial.



Figure 2. (Center) Screenshot of Climate FieldView Soil SSURGO map with the polygon regions used to analyze the yield results. (Right) screenshot of Climate FieldView polygon regions used to analyzed the yield data. Red regions align with the grower standard and blue regions matchup with the advanced planting prescription planting rates.

Advance Seed Scripting (variable Rate) Grower Standard 38,00 seeds/acre
Regions Acres Avg. Yield Total Bushels Regions Acres Avg. Yield Total Bushels
7 8.1 290.3 bu/acre 2351.4 7 7.8 287.5 bu/acre 2242.5

Table 2. Region yield analysis by planting system.

  • The Climate FieldView advanced seed scripting tool recommended planting rates from 35,100 to 42,000 seeds/acre with a field average 39,300 seeds/acre (Fig. 1).
  • Three different soil types were tested in the analysis with slopes ranging from 2% -14% (Fig. 2).
  • The Climate FieldView advanced seed scripting system provided a 2.8bu/acre advantage when compared to the grower standard (Table 2).
  • In a high yield/low stress year, variable rate results may vary depending on how aggressive your standard planting rate is.

What Does This Mean For Your Farm?

  • Technologies such as Climate FieldView advanced seed scripting allow a grower to easily access multiple years of local product population data.
  • Climate FieldView advanced seed scripting allows a grower to minimize their risk in tougher environments that may be over planted by a blanket grower standard rate. Standard rates also put a ceiling on yield potential in high yield environments.
  • Growers are encouraged to try tools like this to help with choosing the optimum planting rates for their field environments.