TEST High Yield Management Systems in Soybean

Trial Overview

  • Achieving10;high yields in soybean production involves effective management of resources10;including, but not limited to, seed product selection, seeding rate, soil10;fertility, and eliminating or reducing the impact of plant stressors.
  • In10;some situations soybean has not been managed as intensely as corn, possibly10;resulting in not reaching maximum yield potential.

Research Objective

10;Location 10;
10;Soil Type 10;
10;Previous Crop 10;
10;Tillage Type 10;
10;Planting Date 10;
10;Harvest Date 10;
10;Potential Yield 10;
10;Planting Rate 10;
Huxley, IA
clay loam

10; Site Notes:10;

The10;same 2.8 maturity group seed product was planted in all treatments. The10;study consisted of basic management inputs with additional inputs being added10;for each treatment. Subsequent10;treatments included the previous treatment plus an additional treatment10;resulting in a “building block�? approach of treatments.

Understanding the Results