Plant Population Optimization Tool


Every planting season, across many agronomic environments, DEKALB® brand establishes corn product planting rate trials. Using data analytics to evaluate the trials, a localized planting rate recommendation for corn products is calculated. The recommended planting rate is a means of helping farmers maximize profit potential on each acre of their farming operation.

The plant population optimization tool, Optimize My Seed Planting Rate​​​ found on (Seed Finder tab) is an easy-to-use program that can be utilized to help define the optimal seeding rate for each DEKALB brand product. The program uses personalized information, such as zip code, seed unit costs, current grain price, and local yield environment based on established trials, to calculate the optimal seeding rate for each DEKALB product within the testing data. To use the program, enter your field information into the program to calculate your optimal seeding rate. A PDF can be generated with your personalized optimal plant population curve for each product.

Please contact your local DEKALB® brand dealer for more information. 180409081626