Large Plot Evaluation of Asgrow Soybean Products – SLC - MS

Trial Overview

  • 14 Asgrow® soybean products were planted at Monsanto Learning Center in Scott, MS on April 19, 2017,  to determine the highest yielding Asgrow® brands for this environment.

Research Objective

  • The objective was to evaluate new Asgrow® soybean products for yield.  
Soil Type
Previous Crop
Tillage Type
Planting Date
Harvest Date
Potential Yield
Planting Rate
Scott, MS
Commerce Silt Loam
100 bu/acre
130,000 seeds/acre

Site Notes:

Asgrow®  AG41X8 Brand was harvested for yield on August 11, 2017, all other Asgrow® soybeans were harvested on August 24, 2017.All standard and newly released Asgrow® soybean products were evaluated for yield only.Plots were 8 rows wide (0.2 acres). The center 6 rows were harvested for yield.Soybeans were planted on 7.5 x 38-inch twin bedded rows.Two post emerge applications of XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology were applied to these plots as per the labeled rate for weed control (22 ounces/acre) on May 3, 2017, and again on May 15, 2017, along with additional necessary herbicides.All other agronomic practices were standard for this area.

Understanding the Results

  • No issues were observed with XtendiMax®  herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology other than excellent weed control.
  •  Results from this trial are reported as yield only.

What Does This Mean for Your Farm

  • Several of the new Asgrow® soybean products offer excellent yield potential.
  • Consult your local Asgrow®  brand salesperson for further information.