FieldScripts℠ to Aid in Precision Planting for Corn


FieldScripts℠ , the first commercial product launched by Monsanto’s Integrated Farming Systems℠ (IFS) platform, was developed as part of an ongoing commitment to sustainable agriculture. The goal of this new technology is to maximize yield while optimizing crop inputs. Currently, farmers meet with their seed dealers to discuss which products expect to yield the highest on their farm. The introduction of FieldScripts​ is a more customized process, providing the grower with the best product fits for the field and a variable rate planting recommendation to get the most out of the seed based on yield environments. Brad Wiegand, Senior Product Support Specialist for Precision Planting, explained that their planter technology, combined with the leading genetics of the Asgrow® and DEKALB® brands, can help maximize yield potential.
FieldScripts will offer a customized approach to each field through iPad® app.


“[Farmers] can have the best seed in the world, but if it’s not positioned correctly and handled right, it does not maximize its potential. We can start to build a partnership that can maximize yield potential. We’ve got to get even depth; that translates into even emergence so every stalk will put on an equal ear size. We’ve got to have spacing whether that is from the meter getting our singulation right, or if it’s from the drive system on our planter. We need to know about that seed and how to place it. The precision side has been providing the technology and mechanics so we can get that 99-100% singulation day in, day out, no matter what seed gets thrown at it,65533;? Wiegand said.


He continued by explaining how seed needs to be planted in the correct environment and FieldScripts gives farmers the ability to do that by providing the variable rate seeding for the specific product for that specific field. Combining the greatest accuracy in seeding technology with product selection, FieldScripts will be delivered through the FieldView™ app on the iPad®. Farmers can then transfer the information to a universally adopted, industry-leading, monitor system designed by Precision Planting.


It is with this unique approach that farmers can work towards doubling their yields while minimizing their risk on a year-to-year basis. For more information on Integrated Farming Systems and FieldScripts, refer to the video below.