Climate FieldView™ Cab App Functionality and Planter Set Up


As you prepare for planting season, remember to set up your equipment in the Climate FieldView Cab app to ensure seamless and accurate data collection to gather your data in one place. The Climate FieldView website provides detailed instructions on how to set up self-propelled sprayers, pull-type sprayers, air seeders, tractors, planters, and combines in the Climate FieldView Cab app.

The Climate FieldView™ Drive is an in-cab hardware device that plugs into your equipment’s CAN diagnostic port (Figure 1). This device transfers data to your Climate FieldView account automatically, allowing you to see your field maps being generated in real-time (Figure 2). It is simple to install and is currently compatible with many tractors, planters, seeders, sprayers, and combines. John Deere® and Case IH® adapter cable kits are now available for use with older tractors and sprayers. Field data connectivity with Climate FieldView is also enabled through Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense® monitors or may be exported to the FieldView Cab app, MyJohnDeere, or download when you are ready to start planting. An instructional video can be accessed on How to Install the Climate FieldView Drive at

Farmers work to make the most of every acre by using digital agriculture tools, such as Climate FieldView, to simplify data management, analyze product performance, and maximize their returns with planting prescriptions. To take advantage of data-driven tools provided with Climate FieldView, it is important that your seed prescriptions, equipment, and Climate FieldView account is ready at planting time.


Figure 1. Climate FieldView™ Drive is an in-cab hardware device that plugs into your equipment’s CAN diagnostic port. This device will capture both machine and field data and connects your equipment to your iPad® mobile device via Bluetooth® allowing data collection on the go.

Be sure to make any updates, additions, or edits to your account before entering the fields. This will help to:

Ensure access to view planting maps alongside field health imagery and weather data by downloading the latest version of the Climate FieldView app in the app store. Also, verify that your iPad® devices loaded with the latest iOS software.

Be ready to capture planting data by ensuring proper connectivity to the FieldView Drive, 20/20 SeedSense, or MyJohnDeere.

Have a productive cab experience by entering or double checking accurate field boundaries in your account. Add, edit, or delete fields within your account now (Figure 2). An instructional video on How to Edit Field Boundaries is available at:

Figure 2. Field maps will build in real time while storing planting information within your Climate FieldView account. The above image shows corn plots being planted with different corn products.

Reduce errors in the field and enable easier analysis by entering seed products names properly in your Climate FieldView account before planting. An instructional video on Setting up Hybrids in Climate Fieldview can be viewed at:

Make the most of your plans by exporting prescriptions to the Climate FieldView Cab app and transferring them to the 20/20 SeedSense monitor. To verify your 20/20 SeedSense monitor is correctly communicating with your cab at refer to the instructional videos Quick Start Climate FieldView Cab with Precision Planting 20/20 at:

To help determine the best time to plant, closely monitor field conditions. The Climate FieldView mobile app displays field level rainfall for the last 24 hours.

To get started planting you can quickly export your prescription to the Climate FieldView Cab app, MyJohnDeere, or download to execute on your equipment of choice. Instruction on how to sync to Climate FieldView with John Deere Operations Center can be found at

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As you prepare for spring planting, remember that help with your FieldView account is always just a phone call away. If you have any questions, please contact your FieldView dealer, the Climate Support Team at (888) 924-7475, or

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