Climate FieldView™ - Yield Analysis Report

The FieldView™ yield analysis feature provides detailed harvest results that can help you uncover unique field, product, and soil performance insights to optimize yield and improve profitability. This powerful data allows users to gather and review yield performance and identify yield-limiting factors that lead to more informed seed selection. Make field harvest data management simple with analysis of seed performance across an entire operation or analyze at the field level to help determine the outcome of key agronomic decisions you have made throughout the year.

The following are instructions on how to generate a yield analysis report:

On the overview tab select the yield analysis card (Figure 1).  You will see a summary of all your fields (Figure 2). At the top of the page are the farm totals for acres harvested, wet weight, moisture content, dry bushels, and average yield. The orange bar running up and down through each field yield is the average farm yield.

Yield Analysis

Figure 1. Select the Yield Analysis card on the Overview page.

Yield Analysis

Figure 2. On the Yield Analysis page select the field you would like to evaluate.

Changing crop or year can be done by clicking on the drop-down menu on the upper righthand screen of the yield analysis page. 

On the yield analysis summary page, you can sort by average yield or harvested acres.

To evaluate by field, simply select your desired field to obtain the yield information. Additionally, you can click on the soils icon under yield analysis in the center of the screen (Figure 3). This will provide an average yield across all fields that have the same soil type. You can tap on the line to see which fields are associated with the soil type you are interested in examining.

A report can be printed by simply clicking on the action button located in the upper right-hand corner. FieldView will generate a report that you can save or send to your printer. Tap the action button again and you can send a report via email or instant message to a wireless printer.

Yield Analysis

Figure 3. On the Yield Analysis page sort by soil type.

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