Response of Two DEKALB® Corn Products to Row Spacing and Population

Trial Objective

  • To evaluate the response of two DEKALB® corn products to three different row widths and three different seeding rates.

Research Site Details

  • The experiment was planted at the Regional Technology Center (RTC) in Maxton, NC in 0.5-acre plots on conventionally-tilled, flat ground in two replications.
  • Each treatment was sub-irrigated and received 300 units of nitrogen. All other agronomic practices were per local standards. Treatments included: 
  • Two DEKALB® brand corn products:
    •  —— DKC65-95 brand
    •  —— DKC67-44 brand
  • Row spacings:
    •  —— 20-inch single row
    •  —— 30-inch single row
    • —— 38-inch single row
  • Seeding rates:
    •  —— 32,000 seeds/acre
    •  —— 36,000 seeds/acre
    •  —— 39,000 seeds/acre

Understanding the Results

• At this location, yields generally increased with increased seeding rate and narrowed row widths. • DKC67-44 brand had a slight advantage over DKC65-95 brand on 20-inch row spacing; the converse occurred with 30-inch row spacing. Both corn products had similar yields with 38-inch row spacing.

What Does This Mean For Your Farm?

• Results from this study are consistent with previous data that narrowing row width can help increase yield potential.