Utilizing climate FIeldView™ Nitrogen monitoring tool

Trial Overview

  • Nitrogen10;(N) is the most vital fertilizer that farmers have to manage in a corn crop.
  • Previous10;crop, growing conditions, product genetics, commodity price, and N cost are10;factors to consider when determining the highest return for N investment.
  • Weather10;plays an important role in determining how growers manage N. Programs like10;Climate FieldView™ nitrogen monitoring tool can help growers in their N10;decision making process.

Research Objective

10;Location 10;
10;Soil Type 10;
10;Previous Crop 10;
10;Tillage Type 10;
10;Planting Date 10;
10;Harvest Date 10;
10;Potential Yield 10;
10;Planting Rate 10;
Monmouth, IL
Silt Loam

10; Site Notes:10;

- Treatment 1: 200 lbs10;N/acre (32% UAN) applied preplant on May 6,2016.
- Treatment 2:  170 lbs N/acre (32% UAN) applied preplant on10;May 6, 2016 + 30 lbs N/acre applied pretassel to tassel on July 5, 2016.
- Treatment 3: 200 lbs10;N/acre (32% UAN) applied preplant on May 6,2016 + the Climate FieldView10;nitrogen monitoring tool10;recommended rate applied at pre-tassel to tassel (Climate FieldView showed a surplus of N10;at time of application so no additional N was applied).
- Treatment 4: 100 lbs10;N/acre (32% UAN) applied preplant + 100 lbs N/acre (32% UAN) sidedressed on10;June 14, 2016.  

Understanding the Results

Figure10;1. Average yield and net income of different nitrogen treatments.
  • The10;highest yielding treatment was not a recommendation from Climate FieldView10;nitrogen monitoring tool to10;manage N; however, the most profitable N treatment was from a Climate FieldView recommendation.
  • The10;most profitable application did not require N to be applied during the growing10;season, saving time and input cost by using Climate FieldView nitrogen monitoring tool. 
  • Two10;of the three nitrogen treatments that were Climate FieldView recommendations10;still reached a high yield and had the most profitability. 

What Does This Mean for Your Farm

  • Climate FieldView nitrogen monitoring tool provided the10;treatment recommendation for the most profitable treatment in the trial.
  • Climate FieldView nitrogen monitoring tool will continue to be10;analized to see how the program can benefit growers with preplant and in-season10;N application decisions.