Product Selection Considerations - Agronomic and Biotechnology Traits


Maximizing yield potential while minimizing risk is critical when determining product selections. Selecting an inexpensive product to plant may not result in more dollars per acre at harvest.

Agronomic Considerations

Emergence/vigor. This rating is especially important if a product will be placed under stressful conditions.

Disease. Select products with tolerance to diseases common in your geography.

Standability. Stalk and root strength help ensure a harvestable crop and is very important for high populations and crops that may experience drought stress.

Maturity. Consider selecting products with differing maturities that are well-adapted for your area. This can help spread out harvest timing.

Biotechnology Considerations

Weed management. Helps provide proven crop safety, flexible over-the-top herbicide application timing, and broad-spectrum weed control. Facilitates the use of reduced tillage to conserve soil and water.

Insect management. Helps protect plant parts that insects and nematodes feed on, reducing the risks of lost yield potential and quality. Improved root growth can help plants use nutrients more effectively. Does not impact non-target or beneficial organisms.