Dodge City agAcademy: Jeff Tichota

10; Jeff TichotaJeff Tichota is responsible for technical development of new and existing Monsanto crops and traits in Colorado. Focus areas are corn product selection and initiatives emphasizing irrigation water management and improving soil health under irrigated cropping systems. Jeff is involved in advancement of crop traits for weeds, insects, disease and drought stress. He has partnered in a cooperative study to improve utilization of irrigation water, nitrogen leaching and reduction in crop production costs. Jeff’s research areas include tillage practices, corn root development and agriculture practices to determine hybrids that can more efficiently access deep soil moisture and plant nutrients in irrigated corn production. In Dodge City, Jeff gave growers the latest information on Genuity® DroughtGard™ Hybrids. Water availability is limited for much of Kansas, and Tichota explained to the attendees the important benefits to come through DroughtGard™ Hybrid selection.

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