Cotton Harvest Stripper Safety


When working with or around harvest equipment, it is critical to be mindful of the safety of yourself as well as those working around you. The following practices can help prevent accidents during harvest:

  • Read and understand the equipment operator’s manual prior to operation. Make a special note of any safety concerns and follow all safety procedures.
  • Operate equipment at correct speed, being mindful of ground conditions.
  • Cotton strippers are “top-heavy.” Do not empty harvesters on sloping ground, during high winds, or while moving. Rear stabilizer system should be checked prior to emptying.
  • Keep two functional ABC fire extinguishers available, one inside the cab and one within reach from the ground.
  • Cotton seed, lint, and trash should be cleaned from the engine compartment and away from any sources of heat at least once a day.
  • Mechanical cylinder stops or blocks should be installed to help prevent the systems from lowering unexpectedly.
  • Make sure the parking brake is engaged and the engine is off before working near any moving part.
  • Wear close-fitting clothes to prevent snags.