Easy Recordkeeping with FieldView™ Platform


Sprayer applications are a critical component to your crop management planning, and these applications may have room for optimization throughout the season. FieldView™ Platform tools can be used to help you with application recordkeeping throughout the growing season. Field health imagery can also provide data to help determine whether fungicide and insecticide applications may be beneficial. After harvest, the FieldView Platform can provide an accurate comparison of yield versus inputs to help measure the return on investment with relation to sprayer applications.

Here are a few resources to help maximize your return on every acre:

  • FieldView™ Cab app Sprayer Set Up – The cab app will enable you to enter information that can help track crop protection products in your fields with a FieldView Drive. Video instructions are available online at: https://support.climate.com/kt#/kA02A000000DjoXSAS/en_US​
  • Preload Sprayer Applications and Assign Fields – Products that will be applied via sprayer can be preloaded in the FieldView Platform. Tank mixes (of up to eight products), amounts, and base rates can all be entered into the tool.
  • Share Application Data– Evaluate your inputs by sharing application data with your agronomists or dealers, including a new application summary report. The application summary report includes the map layer and machine performance information, both with a print and email feature.
  • Compare Yield Data vs. Sprayer Application Data – After harvest, you will be able to select a specific portion of the field to run a region report and evaluate how sprayer applications may have impacted yield potential.

For more information on compatible equipment, the Machine Compatibility guide is located at: https://support.climate.com/kt#/kA02A000000DjmbSAC/en_US


The FieldView Platform can help you combine field data in one place to help identify in-season issues, mitigate yield loss, and confirm input decisions. Always remember that help with your account is just a phone call away. If you have any questions, please contact your dealer, the Climate Support Team at (888) 924-7475, or support@climate.com​.

FieldView Platform services provide estimates or recommendations based on models. These do not guarantee results. Consult your agronomist, commodities broker and other service professionals before making financial, risk management, and farming decisions. Information and recommendations we provide do not modify your rights under insurance policies purchased through our affiliates. More information at http://www.climate.com/disclaimers. 180312105939