Weed Control

Growers should start with a clean seedbed by either using tillage and/or a burndown herbicide application to control emerged weeds. In areas with glyphosate-resistant weeds, it is recommended that an at-planting tankmix include glufosinate, plus a residual herbicide such as diuron, fluometron, or fomesafen at labeled rates.​​

For early in-season weed control, glyphosate may be tankmixed with an acetanilide herbicide or an encapsulated acetochlor herbicide such as Warrant® Herbicide. Other options are provided in the box below. Always read and follow product labels and application directions. Be sure to scout fields before and after any in-crop herbicide application to monitor herbicide efficacy or potential resistant weed populations.

Burndown applications play a critical role in season-long weed management.

Early Postemergence Herbicide Options

  • glyphosate

  • acetochlor

  • metolachlor

  • pyrithiobic-sodium
  • trifloxysulfuron
  • guizaloflop
  • fluazifop

  • Clethodim

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