Dodge City agAcademy: Dale Sorensen

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Dale SorensenDale Sorensen grew up on a beef, corn and soybean farm in southeastern South Dakota. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Business and Agronomy, and a Master's degree in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition from South Dakota State University. He spent ten years managing a multi-disciplinary research station for South Dakota State. For the past twenty years at Monsanto, Dale has managed the agronomic services organization, worked in product management, corn breeding, and as Phase 4 product development lead in the biotech organization. He is currently working with a team on precision agriculture for Monsanto's Integrated Farming Systems℠ (IFS) group. In Dodge City, Dale educated area growers on the benefits of IFS. He explained how growers could use the system to optimize their operations by utilizing access to expertise in seed science, field science, data analysis and precision equipment.


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