Corn Product Selection

Corn product selection is critical for high yield potential. Selection criteria should also include a trait package to mitigate pest and environmental stress. Identify products with acceptable maturity range to reach physiological maturity. Products should reach maturity at least ten days before the first average frost (32º F) to allow time for grain dry-down and provide a buffer against a cool year or late planting. Plant multiple hybrids of varying maturity to spread risk and widen the harvest interval. Select hybrids that are consistently top performers over multiple sites or years within a region. Select products with agronomic traits such as standability, disease tolerance, emergence, and the need for transgenic resistance to insects and herbicides within a given production system.


Use DEKALB® agSeedSelect® for customized corn product recommendations for every situation on your farm and work with your DEKALB® dealer to select a diverse package of corn products.