The Climate Corporation Digital Ag Tools

The Climate FieldView™ platform can help growers unlock the value of their field data to enhance productivity. Advancements to the Climate Corporation pipeline of digital agricultural tools continue to be developed and made available.

Growers can get the most out of every acre by using digital agricultural tools to simplify data management, analyze product performance, and maximize product potential with planting prescriptions. Following are some examples of what the Climate FieldView platform can offer:

  • Fertility Prescriptions - Enables growers to create a customized fertility management plan tailored to their unique goals and operations, helping to optimize the placement of key inputs and improving on-farm productivity.
  • Seed Scripting and Selection - Placing the right seed in the right location is critical to achieving optimal yield. Through the collection and analysis of millions of data points, seed product selection research is designed to help growers select the most ideal seed products for their fields.
  • Disease Management - Provides data that helps growers see what’s happening in each field, prioritize in-season crop management, and use satellite imagery and other field data to make input decisions. Helps assess a field’s vulnerability to certain diseases and provides diagnosis. Growers need to know if disease outbreaks are occurring in their fields and whether they should act and treat it.

If you have any questions and to learn more, contact your Climate FieldView™ dealer, the Climate Support Team at (888) 924-7475, or 180120152246