Ty Fowler: Moultrie agAcademy


In 2000, Ty Fowler began his career at Monsanto as a Technical Service Agronomist with Delta and Pine Land Company. After, Ty began his career at Monsanto, Ty learned a variety of different skills as a Local Field Advisor, Technology Development Representative and Technical Agronomist. Now, Ty serves the cotton industry as the Product Development Manager. Although his career began in 2000, Ty has been conducting agricultural research since before he could even legally drive. At age 15, Ty got involved in research in the fields of entomology, physiology and weed science. It only makes sense that Ty pursued a master’s degree in agronomy at Clemson University in South Carolina. At the Moultrie, GA, agAcademy, Ty shared some information about upcoming cotton varieties and technologies.


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