Mike Bachman: Champaign agAcademy

13;10; ​Profile ImagePrior to working at Monsanto, Michael Bachman attended the College of Agriculture and Food Science at the University of Missouri. Mike was also the Director of Plant Breeding at Jefferson Farm & Gardens, an education farm in southeast Columbia, MO. While the farm did not open until 2008, Mike started the farm with his former professor at MU in 2004. They dedicated their work to educating and giving tours on alternative farming methods and crop rotations to help improve weed and pest control. Currently, Mike Bachman is the Asgrow® Soybean Product Development Manager for Monsanto. Prior to holding this position, he also worked as a Research Farm Manager at Monsanto. As an Asgrow® agronomist and a veteran researcher, Mike’s specialty is the development and promotion of the Asgrow® 4P System. This system is designed to help growers increase profitability and achieve high yield potential year after year. The Asgrow® 4P System is a year-long approach that combines advanced trait technology, seed treatments and the Roundup Ready PLUS® platform. 

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