Matt Foes Explains the Yield Advantages of the Asgrow® 4P System

Matt Foes, Technical Agronomist for Asgrow® and DEKALB®, explained how farmers can maximize yield potential even during poor growing conditions during a recent agReview. With the Asgrow 4P System, farmers can maximize yield potential of their Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans. The 4 P’s are: Plan, Plant, Protect and Perform.

Foes said that planning should be the first step, namely identifying the best product for a specific field and growing conditions. Farmers should evaluate previous growing seasons for past product performance, as well as consult with their seed dealer to select an appropriate soybean product. The next step in the process is planting, getting the crop established and really focusing on getting the population correct. Next, the farmers should focus on protecting against tough-to-control weeds or insects. Another key protection step is identifying which fungicide applications are appropriate. Managing weeds and insects from early stages reduces competition for moisture and needed nutrients for the crop. Finally, analyze the performance of how the crops yielded to make educated decisions for the following growing season.

“People have really taken the extra steps to keep that soybean plant as healthy as possible to capture the benefit of the late season rains that some of us have gotten. A lot of things can be learned from this year. Look at this year’s performance across a wide range of environments. Find what is the most stable product for lower production years as opposed to most years when trials and plots will generally tell you what will work on your best acres,” Foes said.

The Asgrow 4P System is a full system approach designed to help maximize yield potential on a year-to-year basis. It is an ongoing cycle for farmers to follow all year round. For more growing tips from Foes, please watch the video below.​​​​