A New Tool to Maximize Profitability

Research-based planting recommendations are now at your fingertips. Built on extensive trial results and local agronomic expertise, this new tool helps you select and plant seeds with even greater precision.

Download a one-sheeter for your use here.​

Seed Selector  

Select Your Seed

The seed selector helps you find products recommended for your area based on local agronomic data. Search by zip code, compare product characteristics, save your favorite products, then download your seed list or share it via email. Download a how-to guide to learn more about selecting your seed.


Optimize Your Planting Rate

Take the guesswork out of determining your planting rates. Based on product characteristics, seed cost, local grain prices and your unique growing conditions, the planting rate optimizer pinpoints the planting rate for each product with the highest profit potential. Download a how-to guide about optimizing your corn planting rate.​


Dig into planting season with greater precision, and watch your profit potential rise.

Select Products
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