Improve Soybean Yield Potential with Microbes​

Monsanto BioAg™ Biologicals

Another advancement is on the verge of transforming your fields — and the future of modern agriculture. Monsanto BioAg™ biological solutions, developed through The BioAg Alliance, work in a variety of soil conditions and types to improve the yield potential of soybeans.

Benefits Leading to a Yield Advantage

Monsanto BioAg products increase your soybean crop’s nutrient uptake, including nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. They activate more of the helpful microbes, bacteria and fungi in the soil to deliver the following benefits:

500 Trillion Farmhands*, Ready for Work

This video explains how Monsanto BioAg products help you harness the power of trillions of microbes beneath your feet. They become microscopic farmhands, making important micronutrients more available to your crops.


An Easy Addition to Your Operation

The new extra-concentrated formulations of Optimize® XC and TagTeam® LCO XC​ takes up less space on seed with the industry’s lowest application rate (1.5 fl. oz.), giving your seed treatment program more flexibility and greater profit potential. Monsanto BioAg products were designed to easily integrate with your current system. There’s no need to change fungicides or insecticides — they work with the products you’re already using.

When Optimize® XC is combined with QuickRoots®​ — a microbial seed treatment that works on a plant's roots to improve nutrient availability and uptake — they help to provide a powerful system which can maximize the yield potential of your soybeans.

Discover how these products can enhance your operation for maximized yield potential.

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