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​Root Dig

​When Drought Strikes, Our Roots Run Deep

The DEKALB® Root Dig Challenge is back. This year, DEKALB® traveled to Wellsville, Missouri to test DEKALB DroughtGard® Hybrids corn under real-world conditions of the Mexico Silt Loam.

“Root systems are very critical in all soils, but especially in clay-based soils. Without a good deep root system, you’re really goin​g to suffer in less than optimal conditions.” Jody Foutch, Technical Agronomist.

Watch the video below to see how the DEKALB DroughtGard Hybrids performed.


Benefits of DEKALB Genuity DroughtGard Hybrids​

The three primary functions of a deep roots are to:

  • Anchor the plant. A deep, strong root system helps prevent downed corn.
  • Capture nutrients. Deep roots deliver more of what plants need to develop full ears – a key factor in yield.
  • Access water. When roots can explore deeper soil, they bring in more plant-available water.

"Without a deep root system, you're really going to suffer in less than optimal conditions. DEKALB® products provide a vigorous deep root system," Jody Foutch, Technical Agronomist.

Benefits of DEKALB Genuity® DroughtGard® Hybrids 

The hydroefficiency delivered through DEKALB® DroughtGard® Hybrids allowed the plants to perform very well, even in the parched clay-based soil conditions of the Mexico Silt Loam. The DEKALB product was able to reach below the clay pan section of the soil profile, where there could be three to four inches of additional plant-available water. This is essential to surviving and producing more kernels per ear in less than optimal conditions.

The DEKALB DroughtGard Hybrids combine germplasm, trait packages and agronomic practices and are proven to provide superior drought guard protection and maximize yield potential year after year. DEKALB DroughtGard Hybrids corn products provide you the opportunity to prepare for what you can’t control and maximize yield potential.

Watch the :30 second DEKALB 2014 Root Dig Video.

Watch the :15 second DEKALB 2014 Root Dig Video.

To find more information about how root strength can help maximize yields, watch the results from last year's root dig challenge.

2013 Root Dig 

Learn more about DroughtGard Hybrids by visiting our seed finder or talk to your DEKALB® sales representative to find the right products for you.

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