Headline® And Headline AMP® Fungicide

Headline® fungicide offers supe​rior disease control. A fast-acting, broad-spectrum fungicide with a high-level of activity on major diseases that threaten yield and plant health, Headline®-treated corn is more tolerant to stress such as drought and heat stress.

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Not only does Headline® provide excellent disease control and stress tolerance, it promotes growth efficiency through better use of nitrogen fertilizer. This means healthier plants and higher yield potential. And the benefits of Headline® are realized throughout the growing season in the form of optimized growth or plant health. Since plants aren't wasting energy fighting off disease, they have more energy to spend on growth and yield potential. Stronger stalks, healthier plants and higher yield potential are what you can expect from DEKALB® and Headline® products.

For corn growers who demand the best in disease protection, the standard has now been raised. Headline AMP® fungicide combines the active ingredient in Headline® with metconazole, a new triazole for use in corn. The result is the first combination fungicide that helps deliver maximum disease protection and plant health.

Headline AMP fungicide helps achieve maximum corn yield potential:

  • Delivers more yield at tassel than any other fungicide*
  • Proven plant health benefits of Headline fungicide*
  • Best-in-class preventive and post-infection disease control*

By bringing together the proven disease control and plant health benefits of Headline® with the aggressive, disease-stopping power of metconazole, growers can be assured they have invested well in their crops by using industry-leading active ingredients that helps to minimize disease pressure and maximize yield potential. Growers who use Headline® for disease control report more vigorous plant growth and stress tolerance advantages such as better standability and improved harvest — helping to increase yield potential.

For more information on Headline® products, contact your local sales representative​.​

* Based on BASF and University Replicated Trials (n = 30); AR, CO, IA (3), IL (6), IN (2), KS (3), KY (2), MD, MI, MN, MO, MS (2), NE (2), TN (2), VA, WI, 2011-2012.​​​​​​

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