​DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Spring Canola


Performance Ready™ sets a new standard for Roundup Ready® Spring Canola—top spring canola genetics with the unsurpassed weed control offered by the Roundup Ready® system.



Designated As Performance Ready™

The Performance Ready™ designation is awarded by Monsanto to those DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Spring Canola products that excel in field trials conducted by North Dakota State University, the University of Minnesota and contract research companies.

Proven Performance in Comprehensive Field Testing.

DEKALB® brand Roundup Ready® Spring Canola seed products are designated as Performance Ready™ when they out-yield top InVigor® products at 60 percent or more of the trial locations and by at least a 5 percent margin across all trial locations.

The trials specifically compare seed genetic and weed control performance of two different herbicide systems. Compared to competitive weed-control systems, DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Spring Canola has been shown to provide a simple and profitable way to produce canola.

Unsurpassed Broadleaf Weed and Grass Control for Cleaner Fields and Maximum Yield Opportunity.

DEKALB® Roundup Ready® Spring Canola is the system that allows unsurpassed control of broadleaf weeds and grasses, even under tough weather conditions—plus excellent crop safety and more flexibility for herbicide application, without the need for tillage

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