Delatapine Field to Closet

Informing Retailers.
Increasing Demand.

The Field to Closet™ initiative supports Deltapine farmers by spreading awareness of Deltapine® cotton’s superior fiber quality to cotton brand retailers. By doing so, we aim to increase demand from brand-name clothing lines and increase profit potential for growers.

A Strong Partnership
for Strong Cotton

Jernigan Global, a Nashville-based consultant with decades of experience working with the cotton supply chain and textile industry, created the Field to Closet​ initiative to familiarize cotton brand retailers with the innovation and advancement of U.S. cotton — specifically how Deltapine® brand’s superior fiber quality can now be marketed to produce premium textiles.

Deltapine is proud to support these efforts to elevate U.S.-grown cotton, and the farmers who raise it.


Increased Fiber Quality, Increased Profit Potential

The elite genetics of Deltapine® cotton ensure high yield potential and premium fiber quality. Thanks to the gains made in fiber quality over the last few years, Deltapine cotton now rivals premium Australian and Acala varieties, and outperforms synthetic fibers in customer preference.

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The Story Behind Field to Closet

Learn how the Field to Closet initiative got off the ground, and hear stories from growers about how Deltapine® cotton’s improved fiber quality is changing the game.


"I've been growing Deltapine for just about all of my years I've been fooling with cotton. A few years I would change and try something else, but I'd always come back to the Deltapine varieties. Seems like they've always worked really well for me, and they're always on top of all the new technology."

- Billy Hinkle, Marianna, AR

"Deltapine has always been a good company for us to deal with. We have the same cotton rep that I’ve had just about since I’ve started farming cotton. That means a lot when you’re dealing with the same person year after year."

- Willie German, Fayette County, TN
 Learn More About Deltapine Brand's Journey to Improved Fiber Quality  Learn More About Deltapine Brand's Journey to Improved Fiber Quality