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Strong Performance. Strong Yields.

Deltapine understands the particular challenges of raising Strong Cotton in East and South Texas. And we believe those challenges deserve strong solutions. Built on our four pillars of excellence and bred to thrive in your unique region, these local varieties offer strength you can lean on and performance you can count on.

Expert Recommendations

No one knows the specific growing conditions of East and South Texas like your local technical agronomist. Get to know your TA and explore their recommendations for farms like yours.

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Agronomist-Recommended East and South Texas Varieties

These Deltapine® Strong Cotton varieties are specially selected to thrive in East and South Texas based on relative maturity, response to PGRs and overall compatibility with your specific growing conditions.

Built on our four pillars of excellence and proven performance by local farmers in our New Product Evaluators (NPE) Program, you can count on these local varieties to deliver high yield potential, outstanding fiber quality and strong protection against pests, which means strong results in your fields.

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Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® Cotton

Triple Your Protection Against Pests

The Roundup Ready Xtend® Crop System now includes Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® cotton technology, which offers three modes of action against bollworm and other cotton pests. This wider spectrum of control gives growers like you better protection.

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RoundUp Ready Xtend Crop System

The Strongest Weed Protection Available

Discover the strength of weed protection that comes from XtendFlex® technology. Exclusive to Deltapine, this advanced trait technology helps you maximize your weed management program without sacrificing yield or quality potential.

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Four Pillars of Excellence

Deltapine® Strong Cotton is built on our four pillars of excellence to give growers like you the performance potential, support and piece of mind to overcome the everyday challenges of raising cotton.

Elite Genetics

Advanced Insect & Weed Control

Premium Fiber Quality

Highest Yield Potential

We constantly update our product portfolio to address growers' changing needs, making sure every variety is bred and tested for superior genetics to ensure optimal yield performance.  We call this process the Journey from Need to Seed.

The Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System now includes cotton technology that offers three modes of action against damaging bollworms and triple-stacked herbicide tolerance.

Since the Class of 08, the average fiber strength and length of Deltapine® cotton varieties have trended upward for improved profitability potential every season, and an even stronger U.S. cotton industry.

Deltapine yield numbers speak for themselves. See for yourself: Download Harvest Results at any point in the season to see how Deltapine products bred to perform in East and South Texas stand up to the competition.


Your local technical agronomist is an expert on the specific growing conditions of East and South Texas. Get to know your TA, below, and explore their recommendations for products bred to perform on farms like yours.


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